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Mantle or shelf clocks were very popular back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Aside from being reliable timepieces, these clocks were also greatly used for decoration mainly because they were small and affordable. The mantle clocks were given such a name because they can be comfortably placed on a mantel or shelf because of their size. Although they were first introduced in France, the mantle clocks became popular in the United States and one of the reasons for this was a company called Seth Thomas clocks.

Seth Thomas clocks are the perfect timepieces for people who value both quality and excellent craftsmanship. For over 200 years, their clocks have added elegance and beauty to many homes. These reliable timepieces are normally used to accentuate a home in its final stages of adding finishing touches.

These mantle clocks are some of the best and most popular in the world. These clocks possess unique qualities. They are breathtakingly elegant in design and masterfully-crafted, being made of only the finest materials. With ornate decorations and only the finest of wood, these clocks are truly a possession to be proud of owning.

Most of the mantle clocks, Seth Thomas' included, were made out of wood and came with a swinging pendulum. Aside from oak, American mantle clocks were also made out of oak and had brass or iron as supplementary materials. This is one of the reasons why they were, and still are, sturdy and long lasting. Mantle clocks also have additional features like a calendar and creative painted scenes.

Some examples of mantle clocks by Seth Thomas clocks are the following:

  • Buckingham MOK7993 (finished in oak, with chimes, a night shut-off, also features volume control)
  • The Seth Thomas Emperor MMH7363 Chiming Mantel Clock (has real inlaid marquetry and maple inlays, has small fleur de lis in between the numerals, has glass crystal for protecting its minute hands)
  • Hotel MOK-7510 Chiming Oak Mantel Clock (a reproduction of mission oak mantel)
  • The Seth Thomas Jenna Table TSI-1258 Mantel Clock (has a silver round dial, silver tone Roman numerals, ad a glass panel that is arched-shaped)
No matter what type of clock you want, whether it is a decorative wall clock or an intricately designed antique grandfather clock, this clock maker has it for you. Over the years, Seth Thomas has remained true to its promise of high quality craftsmanship and excellent timekeeping.


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